Continuing Education for Healing Professionals

The Lewin Institute for Professional Development

While Felice Block is a certified EMDR therapist, she is also an EMDRIA-approved continuing education sponsor dedicated to providing high quality, affordable training and development for mental health professionals at The Lewin Institute.   

Services of the Lewin Institute

EMDR Training

EMDR Certification requires additional supervision, continuing education and clinical practice beyond the basic requirement made by the EMDR International Association.


We feature knowledgeable and dynamic presenters who come from all over the world to provide cutting-edge material and use interactive, collaborative, and experiential teaching modalities.

Previous Programs

2019: Dr. Esly Carvalho (pictured), Brazil, "Creative Protocols: Clinical Strategy for EMDR Therapy"
2018: Dr. Dolores Mosquera, Spain, "EMDR Therapy for Personality Disorders with complex Traumatization"
2017: Felice Block, "Nasty Divorces: Strategies to Help Clients Cope"
2016: Farnsworth Lobenstine, Amherst, MA, "An Introduction to the Integration of Ego State Therapy, Structural Dissociation and EMDR Therapy"

Institute Honors The Lewin Family

A Collective Holocaust Experience Remembered

As a child of Holocaust survivors, Felice was always curious about her family's history.  Many would not talk about their experience, but her father, Max, was open to sharing, and his story and philosophy is the foundation of The Lewin Institute for Professional Development. 

An intellect at heart, Max gave little lectures to his daughter as if he were at the podium of a university political science class.  He believed that the rise of Naziism was due to ignorance and the key to healing the world was education.

In 2013, Felice and her cousin, Sheldon Lewin, created The Lewin Institute for Professional Development to honor Max and other Lewin family members who survived the Holocaust and those who perished.

It provides seminars to mental health professionals so clients can heal and we can ultimately stop the perpetuation of cruelty amongst each other.