Personal Experience Provides Unique Insight & Understanding

About Felice Block 

Felice Block knows what it's like to stay in a toxic relationship and what it takes to get out of one.  She uses her own experience to help others learn, grow, and discover a healthier way of life. 

Treating Individuals & Families Since 1985

Felice Block, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, understands what her trauma clients are experiencing as she spent seventeen years in an abusive marriage.

“I was married to an emotionally, verbally, spiritually, and financially abusive man,” she said, “It took ten years of therapy to get to the point that I was strong enough to leave.”

Since then, Felice changed careers, remarried, and discovered a trauma therapy she utilizes not only to help her clients but also teaches other therapists to do the same.

Felice began her career as a special education teacher focused on students with emotional problems. She particularly enjoyed working one-on-one with the most challenging children which led her to a graduate degree in counseling from Adler Institute, now Adler University. She wrote her thesis while on bedrest during her pregnancy with twins, and shortly after her children were born, she opened her own private practice.

At the same time, her marriage deteriorated, and Felice recognized change was essential. “My daughter was pigeon toed and needed really good shoes. He didn’t want to give me the money for those shoes, and that’s when I realized I needed to empower myself and find a full-time job,” she said.

She became the Executive Director of Warren Township Youth Services and later served as the Director of Response, a JCFS agency that provides counseling and support for adolescents.

After returning to private practice in the early 2000s, Felice learned about Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, a highly effective and efficient method to help people overcome the lingering effects of trauma, and became a certified EMDR therapist.

“EMDR is the gold standard of treatment for trauma,” she said, “It also works for depression, anxiety and many other mental health issues.”

In addition to treating trauma clients, Felice is an EMDRIA approved consultant and CEU sponsor providing consulting and coaching to other therapists working toward EMDR certification.

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Felice has great insight-even beyond her training to help you find your best self. I was deeply moved my first visit when she told me to use my faith as a tool for healing. She was able to read me not just the text book version of me. No visit has been wasted and I have felt a little better each time.

"You really did an exceptional job; you guided me and made me feel safe and heard. You were nonjudgmental and compassionate, but also challenged me when I needed to be challenged. You allowed me to discover my own answers, my own way, in my own time. Every time I read or hear about what good counseling looks like, I think about you.