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Felice Block Helps Abused Women Recover & Rebuild

Felice Block specializes in working with women and children affected by substance abuse, mental illness, and divorce recovery.

While many clients come to Felice for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, she also uses a variety of other therapeutic techniques including her 7 Step Treatment Model: Recovery from Toxic "Love".

Felice is currently offering Telehealth Therapy and uses a proven EMDR technique called the "butterfly hug".  Clients report results equivalent to in-person sessions.

7 Step Treatment Model:
Recovery from Toxic "Love"

Living in a toxic relationship means the partner experiences chronic and often acute trauma.

Felice Block's mission is to help women get out of toxic relationships sooner than she did and help prevent the re-occurrence of engagement in future abuse.  She created the 7 Step Treatment Model: Recovery from Toxic "Love" to do just that.  Her model helps clients realize the gravity of their situation through psychoeducation on healthy relationships and gaslighting, finding support, experiencing grief, and then rebuilding their life.

Who benefits?
- Partner of addict
- Partner of narcissist or other personality disorder
- Partner who has been verbally, emotionally, physically, sexually, financially, or spiritually abused
- Partner whose former spouse engages in parental alienation
- Anyone going through varying stages of divorce or efforts to break away  

The 7 Step Treatment Model integrates multiple techniques and focuses on past, present, and future relationships. 

EMDR Therapy

EMDR is a bio-physiological intervention for trauma and other mental health conditions that heals from the inside out.  It makes use of eye movement while allowing the brain to reprocess disturbing memories and emotions. 

The results are remarkable:

“EMDR has given me hope and peace in my life. Something I never thought I would find. It has given me the opportunity to live differently. It has saved me from the evil that was once in my life.”
-EMDR Client

While EMDR works for clients with long-term trauma, it also benefits those suffering in an acute situation like the ones illustrated below.  The sooner an individual comes in for treatment, the better.

Panic Attacks & Trauma-Related Symptoms

"Everything feels overwhelming and out of control."

Pain Relief

"I'm suffering from chronic pain."

Academic Worries

"I'm afraid I'm going to fail an exam."

Watch this Video

Learn More about EMDR

This 2-minute, animated video demonstrates a client's experience during EMDR. It explains how the brain works to recover from trauma so an individual can return to enjoying life.

Max Lewin Memorial Library

Max Lewin, Felice Block’s father, believed education is key to heal humanity.  He was a Holocaust survivor and supported his family as a restaurant owner.  In the last months of his life, when asked about his dreams if the war had not happened, his eyes would glisten, and he'd respond, "A librarian!"  Felice created the Max Lewin Memorial Library in his honor and gave him the job he wanted since childhood.

It’s stocked with more than 100 self-help books that are available for patients to explore on their personal journey of recovery and growth.  Max looked at every book himself and commented on and catalogued each one.  The library has helped countless clients since his death.

Tango: The Therapy Dog

As a certified therapy dog, Tango provides great comfort when people need him.

Tango has worked with some very fractured clients, and connects easily to others. He shows extreme sensitivity and insight and knows when to stay quiet and when a bark is most appropriate.

As a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, which are known as affectionate, gentle, and graceful dogs, Tango lives up to his breed.

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